Mitas Innovation

Innovations by Mitas

Mitas is committed to researching and implementing the latest innovations. We cooperate with leading agricultural and industrial machinery manufacturers to help them develop tyres tailor-made for their purposes. We also endorse our own research and development in order to better serve the needs of our customers. Throughout the years, Mitas has been nominated as development partner of several customers among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as John Deere, AGCO/Fendt and Case New Holland, researching new technologies to implement in their new products.

PneuTrac: revolution in the design of tyres

Mitas' latest innovation is called Mitas PneuTrac. It brings together the best of both worlds of the traditional pneumatic tyres and rubber tracks. Mitas´ aim was to develop a tyre with a bigger footprint and low inflation pressure with even ground pressure distribution and less soil compaction. The answer is Mitas PneuTrac. “Mitas stands out as an innovator in the tyre industry. This concept shows that we are thinking outside the box of current tyre-producing practices with a strong focus on what will benefit farmers. We still have some way to go to bring the concept into a commercial product but the initial results look very promising challenging the design of the conventional tyre and cost of tracks,” said Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ sales and marketing director.

Mitas PneuTrac provides better traction efficiency with lower slippage, which results in lower operational costs and potentially higher crop yields when compared with standard tyres. PneuTrac ensures stable driving at low inflation pressures, thus ensuring comfort and safety with no need to adjust inflation pressure.

The footprint of Mitas PneuTrac is 53% larger compared with the standard tyre and it provides a higher tractive force. This ensures gentle ground handling with much lower and improved distribution of pressure to the ground with less soil compaction. The lateral stability of Mitas PneuTrac is on a very high level compared with a standard tyre, even 167% higher. Mitas is developing its PneuTrac concept with the strong partner that is Galileo Wheel Ltd.

Mitas PneuTrac PDF

Sustainable soil protection with CHO SVT harvester tyre

Following intensive cooperation with Claas, a leading combine harvester manufacturer, Mitas has launched the CHO (Cyclic Harvest Operation) SVT tyre. CHO solves the conflict between compliance in road application and the increasing need for soil protection. The challenge is the dramatically increasing tyre load in field application with full grain tanks and a mounted cutter bar. Mitas couldn’t follow the traditional way of using even wider tyres, as this would conflict with allowed vehicle width regulations. The new CHO tyre is a solution to this challenge. Compared with a standard tyre, the CHO tyre provides much more load capacity at lower inflation pressure. Specifically, the 800/70 R 32 CHO provides an advantage of up to 31% reduction in inflation pressure at the same load compared to the standard tyre. This lower inflation pressure results in the larger footprint of up to 24%. On top of all these benefits CHO brings also an improved mobility on the road.

Agriterra 03: A third-generation flotation tyre

Agriterra 03 is intended for use on the heaviest agricultural implements, such as slurry tanks. Agriterra 03 is Mitas’ largest flotation tyre. With a diameter of 1.6 metres, a weight of 220 kg and a radial steel belt construction, the 650/65R30.5 has a ‘D’ speed category allowing speeds of up to 65 km/h boasting a maximum load of 7,100 kg at 4 Bars. Agriterra 03’s tread features a contact area smaller than Agriterra 02, with larger tread voids, improving the self-cleaning properties of the tyre. Agriterra 03’s tread is deeper than that of Agriterra 02, giving an improved tread life. “In the Agriterra project, Mitas develops flotation tyres with technical characteristics corresponding to premium tyres,” said Pavel Kott, the product manager for agricultural tyres at Mitas.

Hands-on approach

Mitas engages in rigorous testing of industrial tyres in demanding conditions. For example, in 2012, a batch of ERD-30 earth-moving (EM) tyres were tested in Siberia on articulated dumpers working 16 hours a day on a compact sand base. “The tread displayed regular wear and tread reduction which gives a projected tyre life comparable with premium tyres in this segment,” said Petr Hala, Mitas’ industrial product manager. Similarly in the Netherlands, Mitas tested CR-01 tyres mounted on three-axle mobile cranes and operated between 2010 and 2012. These tyres also displayed regular wear, tread pattern reduction and tyre life comparable with premium tyres. Mitas’ R&D implements the results of such tests to improve the performance of tyres and adjust their characteristics.

Mitas Link: No compromise between high speed and increased tyre life

In 2010, Mitas launched the Mitas Radial CR-01 tyre intended for use on mobile cranes. The innovative tread design features the “Mitas Link” bridge between tyre lugs, which increases the tyre life while limiting movement of the lugs, even at speeds of up to 52 mph, and preserving off-road traction. At the same time, the link limits the sound generated by the tyre while driving at high speeds. In comparison with a standard mobile crane tyre, there is 6 percent lower rolling resistance, which improves fuel efficiency.