Mitas tires at the Tire Cologne 2018 fair

Prague, May 29, 2018 – Mitas, a member of the Trelleborg Group, will introduce its latest agricultural, municipal, motorcycle and bicycle tires at the Tire Cologne 2018 fair (May 29 – June 2, 2018).

The Mitas AGRITERRA product line represents advanced agricultural radial tires with a high load capacity designed for non-driving wheels on agricultural vehicles. At Tire Cologne, Mitas is to showcase the 680/60R30.5 IMP AGRITERRA 03 tire. “These heavy-load tires are designed for the heaviest agricultural applications like tankers and grain trucks. They are very gentle on grassland, feature low noise, rolling resistance and fuel consumption, and have excellent self-cleaning properties,” said Mitas Agricultural Tires Production Manager Pavel Kott. The 680/60R30.5 IMP 176D Agriterra 03 can carry a load of 7100 kg at a maximum speed of 65 km/h with a nominal inflation pressure of 4 bars.

The Mitas 540/80R38 IND HCM represents the universal HCM (High Capacity Municipal) tires line. These universal tires are designed to work on a wide range of machines, primarily in municipal services, can be fitted on agricultural and industrial tractors, handlers, loaders, etc., and are suitable for agricultural, municipal, construction, forestry and other applications. The HCM tire construction with steel breakers ensures high puncture resistance and on-road stability, while the unique cascade tread lugs design ensures excellent self-cleaning properties, better traction in all weathers, and low noise levels. The maximum loading of the displayed 540/80R38 IND HCM 172A8 (167D) tire is between 7880 kg at 10 km/h and 5450 kg at 65 km/h when inflated to 3.2 bars.

Visitors will also have an opportunity to see samples of the latest generation of the Mitas SPORT FORCE+ radial motorcycle tires with the sizes 120/70ZR17 and 190/55ZR17 on display. This product line is designed for sport, naked and touring on-road motorcycles. The SPORT FORCE+ boasts superior performance throughout the tire service life, achieved using Strong Carcass Technology (SCT), and delivers outstanding grip with different road surfaces, temperatures and conditions supported by OGT 3D-Optimum Groove Technology. “SPORT FORCE+ riders will appreciate easy and progressive cornering with maximum control and high-speed stability throughout the tire service life. These characteristics were achieved using a combination of two different technologies, SCT and Finite Element Analyses (FEA), to define the tire footprint,” said Ksenija Bitenc, Director of Motorcycle Tires and Tubes Product Area.

Jorge ‘Viki’ Gómez, a Spanish BMX rider and triple World Champion in BMX Flatland, will demonstrate his outstanding riding skills right at the Mitas stand. His BMX bicycle will be fitted with the 44-406 R03 Dom tires developed by Mitas especially for the BMX Flatland discipline. Almost slick tread from a special compound ensures excellent grip during extreme acrobatics and inclines on concrete or wooden surfaces; optimal pattern figure allocation provides smooth rolling.

“Mitas, as one of the European leading tire producers, will only showcase a minor cross-section of its full product portfolio at the Tire Cologne fair. We are aware that Europe, and Germany especially, is one of the most demanding markets in the world and we are proud that we can present our most advanced technologies here – technologies that significantly help the users of all our tires and make their lives easier,” concluded Emil Houska, Mitas Marketing Manager.

Mitas, part of the Trelleborg Group, is one of Europe’s leading producers of tires for agricultural machines, construction vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and other specialty segments. Mitas manufactures and sells tires under the Mitas and Cultor brands. Mitas has manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, and the USA, and a global sales and distribution network.