High Capacity Municipal (HCM) Universal quiet running tyre for all terrains and applications

  • Particularly suitable for municipal and road maintenance tractors and equipment. Designed for all-season use.
  • High durability due to steel belted radial construction and unique design of tread pattern in the central part.
  • Exceptional traction characteristics due to more edges on the lugs. Different lugs width in shoulder for better traction in deeper terrain.
  • Excellent self-cleaning and very good steering characteristics.
  • Low noise emission and vibration, thanks to different length of pitches and their alignment along circumference.

High Capacity Municipal (HCM)
High Capacity Municipal (HCM)

Load Capacity


Handling on road

Cost efficiency


List of tyre sizes and details

Size (inch) Tyre size Service description LI/SS Detail
24.0”400/80 R 24144D (149A8)Detail
440/80 R 24149 D (154 A8)Detail
28.0”400/80 R 28146 D (151 A8)Detail
440/80 R 28151 D (156 A8)Detail
30.0”540/65 R 30156D (161A8)Detail
34.0”480/80 R 34159D (164A8)Detail
38.0”480/80 R 38161 D (166 A8)Detail
540/80 R 38167D (172A8)Detail
42.0”650/65 R 42171D (176A8)Detail

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