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Mitas IN Newsletter 2018

The Mitas IN Newsletter is intended for our business partners, users of our products, friends, and fans of the Mitas brand. The Mitas IN Newsletter is about news and information of Mitas branded products, the successes of sportspeople using Mitas tyres, and about various interest, you do not want to miss.

Mitas IN_01 NewsletterThe first issue of the Mitas IN Newsletter is about our expanding range of the HCM (High Capacity Municipal) tyres, the Mitas VF (Very High Flexion) HC1000 and the tractor pulling events which have taken place all over Europe since April 2018.

Furthermore, you can read about the recent bicycle race events where riders have used Mitas bike tyres and about the world’s best speedway Moto riders whose Mitas tyres are the only best choice.

Mitas IN NewsletterIn the second issue of the Mitas IN Newsletter, you can find information about Mitas agricultural tyres such as HC2000, HC3000, Agriterra 02, Agriterra 03 and industrial Mitas CR-01crane tyre. We have also introduced the World Ploughing Championship there and summed up the tractor pulling competitions for you.

Additionally, you can find out more about the toughest enduro race - the Red Bull Romaniacs and about the Mitas TERRA FORCE-R motorbike tyre range. Important is also our expanding offer of the Mitas mountain bike tyres and a summary of the successful 2018 cycling season.